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The Trilogy – together at last

Posted in Jean Maxwell with tags , on May 1, 2022 by thisisjean

Just released – Spanish Seduction Trilogy Box Set is now available in eBook!

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I’m thrilled to bring the Spanish Seduction series together in one box set! It’s been a long work-in-progress, but I think the result is worth the wait!

Step into the world of Zara Flynn and David Parker, in El Mirador and El Precio: The Price of Passion, and their treacherous quest to uncover and preserve the legacy of the Flynn empire while struggling to tame their white-hot desire for one another. Then, step back in time with Incendio, The Flames of Passion, to witness the first sparks of romance between series heroine Zara Flynn’s parents — Tristan B. Flynn and Marlena Allesandro Sanchez. You will read never-before-published secrets of what really happened at El Mirador, and how these vividly contrasting characters meet and fall in love against the backdrop of dramatic and devastating events in the last days of Franco’s reign.

Make your summer hotter with this sizzling trio of romantic suspense!

Hallowe’en is over but you still get the treats!

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Frighteningly delicious news! Jean Maxwell’s ‘The Last Hallow’s Eve’ now available IN PRINT in the 13-volume anthology JUST VAMPS from Evernight Publisher! 416 glorious pages of fright-night fantasy – order your copy today at