Books by Jean

Available on Amazon – JANUARY 23, 2018

JUST RELEASED! Winter Symphony – independent – available in Kindle & coming soon to Paperback

When the music of life fades to a predictable hum, can your heart remember the rhythm of love? When an old flame she thought long dead suddenly flares to life, a part-time musician, wife and mom must decide if something she always wanted is still something she’s willing to risk everything for. 

Flutist Jenna Brophy has it all—a musical career she loves, a husband and two grown children. When the resentments and struggles of a twenty year marriage crescendo into irreconcilable breakdown, can she make the choice to end it? With her emotions in turmoil, she focuses on preparing for a big holiday concert, until her orchestra’s conductor is called away on a family emergency. His replacement? Her high-school sweetheart, Brandon Marsh, now a well-respected session musician and the one man Jenna can never forget.


The Witch Doctor – independent – available in Kindle and Paperback!

Available in Kindle and Paperback JULY 18

Where do witches go when they’re feeling a little poorly? To the Witch Doctor, of course. Sexy, brilliant Valor McCaine is a warlock making his way in the modern world as pharmacist by day and witch-healer by night…sometimes both day and night! While his patients find relief in experiencing Valor’s formidable sexual prowess, his race is slowly being decimated by a sinister virus he has been tracking and researching for decades. Will a breakthrough ever come? Valor’s best chance walks through his pharmacy door one afternoon in the form of a young student named Darcy deHavalend, doing secret research of her own. Will they become partners or adversaries in a fight to save witchkind?




‘The Terminatrix’ – part of Evernight’s Office Anthology

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Click to Buy NOW

Revenge may be sweet, but serving up just desserts is even sweeter. After losing her job, office professional Laura Dunn  channels her outrage into profit by getting even with callous bosses and heartless organizations.

As a favor, Laura lands a job interview with the man who seduced, and subsequently fired, her best friend on grounds of sexual harassment. All she has to do is get executive womanizer Cooper Hendricks to come on to her in the interview, and he’ll be next in line for a pink slip.

But her simple assignment turns ugly when a case of mistaken identity forces Laura to bring down the one man she hopes to get close to. The Terminatrix is about to serve justice, but may terminate her own heart in the process.


Indecent Proposal – Workplace Gone Wild Book 1


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Release date: January 7, 2014 Available at Evernight Publishing – Reader Reviews

When a hard-working professional girl gets overloaded with projects she tends to go a little crazy. Add in a hot, hunky company newcomer that she must work late into the night with and the stage is set for a workplace gone wild!!

Workaholic PR Manager Carlin Cates is asked to drop everything to help out a new recruit in completing a bid proposal with tight deadlines. She’s not crazy about putting in the extra time until the newcomer, Thatcher Banks, turns out to be the hottest Project Manager in the business!

Sex on the job was only a fantasy for Carlin until Thatcher Banks came along, but just as events in the back room heat up, Banks disappears without explanation. Feeling used and manipulated, more than the proposal seems indecent as Carlin tries to heal her wounded pride and discover the truth about her mysterious co-worker.


The Last Hallow’s Eve – in Evernight’s Just Vamps Anthology! – Reader Reviews

Blood, sex, and love.You shouldn’t always run away from things that go bump in the night…Evernight presents thirteen erotic vampire tales to sink your teeth into. Follow the moon’s glow through the shadows and let these delicious immortal alphas show you just how satisfying eternal life can be.

Release date: October 17, 2012
Available at Evernight Publishing

When government legislation puts the kybosh on Halloween forever, where does a budding graphic novelist go for gothic inspiration? To a haunted mansion of course! The level-headed and sex-starved artist Joanna Mitchell thinks she’s seen it all in the world of the macabre and is not about to be frightened off by tales of the mysterious and decrepit Haversham Mansion in rural Connecticut. On the last official Halloween Night, she arranges to stay the night in Haversham-on-the-Lake, an obscure town only known for its reverence of All Hallow’s Eve, to capture on paper the supernatural goings-on at the old mansion.

But even a jaded artist can be caught with her pants down…and dragged full force into a tangle with an equally lusty demon prepared to give her all the sex she can take in exchange for his last chance to return to the land of the living—on the Last Hallow’s Eve in history.

416 glorious pages of fright-night fantasy – order your copy at

El Precio: The Price of Passion — Reader Reviews

Release date: September 4, 2012
Available at Evernight Publishing

Following your passions, whether in your past, present or future, comes at a price.

 Happily in love with engineer David Parker, and pursuing her new career as CEO of Flynn Enterprises in sunny Spain, architect Zara Flynn’s idyllic world is shaken to the core with a single text message. She must return home to Montreal to deal with an apartment break-in and the theft of her car. At the same time, her heart is put on the line by a woman from Dave’s past who claims to be pregnant with his child.

Her mind reeling, she flees to Montreal to do damage control on her property, landing in the arms of an old flame who spares no expense in trying to win her back. Exhausted and vulnerable, she is charmed by his attention, but can he be trusted?

Zara is torn between two worlds, when the most devastating news of all is revealed. Can she make things right with Dave, or has she already lost him to another woman?

El Mirador – Reader Reviews;

Release date: January 11, 2012
Available at Evernight Publishing

Cover Art by Dara EnglandBuilding a legacy…can be a beach. Rebuilding it…can be deadly.

Ambitious young architect Zara Flynn is the daughter of renowned construction owner Tristan Flynn. When Tristan is killed in a jobsite disaster, Zara inherits both Flynn Enterprises and the problem of El Mirador, an abandoned piece of property on the Costa del Sol. Romance and intrigue are the farthest things from Zara’s mind, but gets a bulldozer-load of both when others scheme to steal her inheritance and a sexy Latin pop star tries to seduce her.

Alongside handsome engineer David Parker, she determines to discover the secrets of El Mirador as well as the circumstances of Tristan’s death. But Zara is already in danger of being eliminated in the same manner as her father. As they get closer to the answers, Dave and Zara get closer to each other until their attraction ignites a romantic passion that has no shut-off valve. Zara Flynn inherits more than she bargained for beneath the steel beams and concrete of El Mirador and faces both a personal and environmental dilemma.


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