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I’m  Jean Maxwell, and I write steamy, dreamy and daring romance novels that leave your senses on overload long after the words have ended. Join me on my erotic travels, and live the dream…!


The Doctor made over 1,000 house calls this week!

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Available in Kindle and Paperback  JULY 18

Available in Kindle and Paperback JULY 18

Available NOW in Kindle and Paperback! Over the past five days our Hot Doc was called to over 1,000 homes around the world, claiming the #1, #9 and #12 spots in genre at amazon.de, amazon.co.uk and amazon.com respectively!! Thanks to all who attended the release party….if you missed getting your copy click the links below!!




The Doctor knows best!

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Available in Kindle and Paperback  JULY 18

Available in Kindle and Paperback JULY 18

COMING JULY 18 – Ready for a little pre-examination? Wait here, please…the Doctor will be with you shortly!!!!

Indecent Proposal – New Review!

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“Good Reading!” from Fern at Longandshort Reviews (LAS)!

Carlin Cates is roped into helping out a colleague work overtime to make a bid proposal. Unenthusiastic, Carlin is in a mood when she gets back from her coffee run but is determined to make the best of it and help out Thatcher Banks. A bunch of emails follow and Carlin gets a good mental image of Thatcher. Stodgy, mid-fifties and possibly English to boot. The reality is mind-blowingly different to anything she’d previously believed.

This is a short and fun story based on light-hearted interactions, sexy innuendo and incorrect personal assumptions. I enjoyed the email and texts that were exchanged between Carlin and Thatcher, who both take their work very seriously. The romance quickly heats up between them and is sexy and all in good fun.

The pace of this story is fast. Thatcher and Carlin were interesting characters, but the short length of the story meant I didn’t get to know them as well as I would have hoped. Also, their romance happened very quickly. While it was believable, I couldn’t help but feel it was a “happy for now” sort of situation.

That said, for readers wanting a quick, smooth romance “on the go” this ticks many of my boxes. I enjoy the workplace romance style of story. Carlin and Thatcher are modern and interesting people and the sexy scene between them is smoking hot and very satisfying. As a reader I felt I could really sympathize with Carlin and loved the spot of jealousy she exhibited without going over the top. I enjoyed this story and feel many readers should too. A quick, fun, lighthearted read.

Summer’s Here and it’s HOT, HOT, HOT!

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Unleash your naughty side with Evernight’s “Executive Assistant” anthology!
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Click to Buy NOW

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