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A lot to be said for Independence

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Did you know July 1 used to be called “Dominion Day” in Canada until the year 1982? That’s right…we’ve only officially had “Canada Day” for 37 out of the 152 years we’ve been “independent” from Britain. Gosh. We’re so young!

On the other side of the border, Independence Day in the US is July 4. Though often referred to as just “the fourth of July” it’s been “Independence Day” since July 4, 1776.

Interesting, or maybe just coincidence, that both happen to fall in the first few days of July. But hey, it’s twice the excuse to party! There’s even an International Freedom Festival held jointly between the cities of Detroit, Michigan, and Windsor, Ontario on the shores of the river that separates the two. This party kicked off in 1959 (a hell of a good year, since I was born in it !) and has since split into two independent events: Windsor Summer Fest, and Detroit River Days. (Oh the irony!)

So July is a great time to celebrate all kinds of independence, including indie authors and publishers. Self-publishing has changed the face of the book industry forever! One of the pioneers of self-publishing is, and every July, they hold a site-wide party, where readers get the gifts!

Titles by participating authors are discounted by 25, 50, 75 or even 100%! This year I’ve added two more books to my Smashwords backlist. Books 1 and 2 of my first series, “Spanish Seduction” is now available – and to get you started I’ve made book 1 “El Mirador” FREE for the entire month! And at 75% off, getting book 2 “El Precio” is a no-brainer at just a buck and a quarter.

Both books have been updated and sport new cover art; and a special surprise — wait for it — BOOK THREE IS NOW ON PRE-ORDER!!!

Yes, I’ve finally made the commitment to bring the third in the series – “Incendio: The Flames of Passion” – to life this October! I hope you’ll look forward to reading the entire series, and you can get all three in one stop at Smashwords. Click on any of the cover images below to take you there.






Winter Symphony is also FREE at Smashwords this July, and check out the luscious new cover for The Witch Doctor!Pick up Valor McCaine’s special brand of medicine for only two bucks.

Growing up, my family always attended a small town rodeo on July 1. I remember it being a big deal because you could go on rides – and I’m not talking horseback! Sure, there were pony rides, but the main attraction was the Ferris Wheel. In a small prairie burgh, you could see the thing for miles as you drove along a country dirt road toward town!

Sadly, this July 1st it is currently raining cats and dogs where I live. No rodeo for me! More time to read (and write) books! Wishing you a fantastic July, and many hours of happy reading –  independently of any holiday on the calendar.

A ‘smashup’ week!

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Go on, read an ebook!

March 3 – 9, 2019 is READ AN EBOOK week…on the cheap!! Get titles FREE and as much as 75% off at Smashwords Read an eBook week…and choose your favorite format to download.

Two of my titles you’ll find there:

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Cool Books for Hot Days – Smashwords Summer Sale July 1-31

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ON NOW! Twice a year Smashwords, the world’s largest distributor of indie ebooks, offers books from 25-100% off the original price. I have two titles on sale, each for under two bucks, available in multiple formats including Nook, Kobo, Kindle, Sony Reader and Online viewers. Check them out here:

The Witch Doctor
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The Doctor is most definitely in…take your sexual medicine with a visit to sexy, brilliant Dr. Valor McCaine, who just happens to be a 200-year-old warlock with a bedside manner to die for!  ON NOW $1.00

NEW! Winter Symphony
A Second-Chance Musical Romance
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When the music of life fades to a predictable hum, can your heart remember the rhythm of love? When flutist Jenna Brophy’s conductor is suddenly called away, one replacement she didn’t expect is the one man she can never forget; her high-school sweetheart Brandon Marsh. Brandon‘s hit some wrong notes in life, but after twenty years a familiar face in the orchestra strikes a chord in him stronger than he’s ever felt before. Can Jenna and Brandon compose their own new song, take the repeat and play the final Coda together? ON NOW $1.50


I left my…book…in San Francisco!

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This weekend only - All ebooks on sale 25% off at Evernight Publishing!!

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New review site SAN FRANCISCO REVIEWS had this to say about Indecent Proposal:

Book Review: ‘Indecent Proposal’ by Jean Maxwell


Carlin Cates is roped into helping out a colleague work overtime to make a bid proposal. Unenthusiastic, Carlin is in a mood when she gets back from her coffee run but is determined to make the best of it and help out Thatcher Banks. A bunch of emails follow and Carlin gets a good mental image of Thatcher. Stodgy, mid-fifties and possibly English to boot. The reality is mind-blowingly different to anything she’d previously believed.
This is a short and fun story based on light-hearted interactions, sexy innuendo and incorrect personal assumptions. I enjoyed the email and texts that were exchanged between Carlin and Thatcher, who both take their work very seriously. The romance quickly heats up between them and is sexy and all in good fun.
The pace of this story is fast. Thatcher and Carlin were interesting characters, but the short length of the story meant I didn’t get to know them as well as I would have hoped. Also, their romance happened very quickly. While it was believable, I couldn’t help but feel it was a “happy for now” sort of situation. Carlin thought she was falling in love, but that stretched my credulity a bit much when they’d known each other for such a short time and Thatcher left so abruptly. While there is definitely a happy ending, it felt a little forced to me. I wonder if more traditional romance readers who want a solid basis for their heroine and hero and all the trappings of Happily Ever After might feel the depth of the romance a little lacking here. If there had been another chapter or two in the middle, fleshing out their romance and coming back together that would have made the wrap up in the ending a lot more believable for me.
That said, for readers wanting a quick, smooth romance “on the go” this ticks many of my boxes. I enjoy the workplace romance style of story. Carlin and Thatcher are modern and interesting people and the sexy scene between them is smoking hot and very satisfying. As a reader I felt I could really sympathize with Carlin and loved the spot of jealousy she exhibited without going over the top. I enjoyed this story and feel many readers should too. A quick, fun, lighthearted read.
BUY NOW – 25% OFF! Coupon Code: EarthDay