Why Sex is like Pizza – Happy International Pizza Day!!

February 9. It’s International Pizza Day. Who knew?

Whether you like it Hot & Ready, Stuffed Crust, Extra Cheese or Plain, who can say they don’t love pizza?

I can’t. And the same goes for sex.

As long as there’s been humans, there’s been sex. And as long as there continues to be humans, there will be a continued interest in sex. Guaranteed. This may be the reason I started writing romance novels, but not the only one.

In thinking about an article I read comparing sex to pizza, I am also reminded of other quips about sex I’ve heard over the years. One somewhat paraphrased from a nursery rhyme: “When sex is good, it’s very very good. But when it’s bad…it’s still pretty good.”

A little optimistic and generalized perhaps, (and probably written by a dude) but really I think it comes down to who you’re doing it with, much as a pizza probably tastes better if your eating it with someone you love…or at least appreciate!

Anyway, back to the comparison. The article I mentioned was really referencing the differences in perception between men and women. (What? Men and Women are different? What a shocking revelation!) What stuck with me, like cheese to pizza, was a little tip that I’d like to pass on. I hope it makes you chuckle and add some extra enjoyment to that next pizza you devour, just as it still does for me.

“Sex is like pizza. There’s a million different kinds, but it’s all pizza. And it’s all good.”

Happy Pizza Day!!

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